Instructor Qualification

Individuals interested in becoming an NSTC Instructor are required to submit an online Instructor application to the NSTC office.  To be accepted as an Instructor candidate, and to attend the NSTC Instructor Orientation, applicants must currently be employed by an Operator, Contractor company or Labor Union that adheres to the Alaska Safety Handbooks (ASH), or by a licensed NSTC Third-Party Provider.

Applicants must submit a current resume, have relevant HSE background, presentation or instruction experience, and an ability to address technical safety questions or concerns posed by class participants. North Slope experience is greatly preferred.

Once accepted as an Instructor candidate, individuals attending Instructor Orientation will need to provide an Endorser signature from their immediate supervisor or manager. This serves as a company endorsement of the Instructor’s qualifications, and an acknowledgment of a partnership with the NSTC. See the NSTC Calendar for upcoming Orientation dates.  

How to become qualified as an NSTC Instructor (Unescorted)

  1. Complete the NSTC Instructor Application ($75 non-refundable application fee required)
  2. Upon review, the NSTC Training Program Manager will contact the applicant directly to schedule attendance at an upcoming Instructor Orientation.
  3. Attend an NSTC Instructor Orientation.  Orientations are held once a month at the APICC office, from 8:30am – 4:30pm.  (Orientation fees: $325 APICC members / $425 non-members. Includes all Instructor materials, NSTC curriculum, and one set of the ASH and Environmental Field Handbook.)
  4. Observe an NSTC Unescorted course taught by any qualified NSTC Instructor. Sign the course roster with your name, listed as “Observer.” Obtain a copy of the roster from the Instructor as documentation, and forward to the APICC office.
  5. Review all materials provided at the NSTC Instructor Orientation. Familiarize yourself with the NSTC curriculum and prepare to teach the course.
  6. Schedule an NSTC Unescorted class for you to teach at your company, where you will be evaluated on your knowledge and delivery of the NSTC curriculum. The course you teach much have a minimum of four students (employees of your company) in the class.
  7. Contact the Training Program Manager to request an NSTC Evaluator. When requesting an NSTC Evaluator, note the date, location, and start time of the course you will be teaching. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks advance notice prior to your class date.
  8. Teach the NSTC Unescorted course.  After the class, you will receive a verbal and written evaluation, and immediate feedback from your NSTC Evaluator. Evaluator paperwork, and course roster will be submitted to the APICC office.
  9. Instructors who meet all qualification requirements and pass their evaluation will receive a Letter of Qualification containing your NSTC Instructor Number. You are now qualified to teach the NSTC Unescorted course to other employees at your company.
  10. To maintain ‘active’ status, NSTC Instructors must submit annual Instructor Reports, teach a minimum of eight hours of NSTC curriculum per year, and provide documentation of three hours of applicable professional development every year.

To apply please download the NSTC Instructor Application and email it to