Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is NSTC? NSTC stands for North Slope Training Cooperative, a joint training effort managed by the Alaska Process Industries Careers Consortium (APICC). Members of the cooperative include North Slope operating companies funding the NSTC, and all organizations and companies who adhere to the NSTC training standard.

How do I get an NSTC card? To get an NSTC card, individuals must take the 8 hour Unescorted Course, sometimes referred to as the “6pack plus H2S.” Courses are offered by qualified NSTC Instructors available through specific employers or unions, or available to the general public via licensed Third Party Providers.

I’ve lost my NSTC card, how do I get a replacement? If you have lost your NSTC card, please contact the Third Party Provider, or employer, where you took your Unescorted course. They should be able to verify your attendance and issue you a new card. If attendance cannot be verified, an individual will need to retake the Unescorted course to receive a new NSTC card.

How do I know if my card is still valid? There is currently no refresher course required for the NSTC Unescorted course. While NSTC does not currently require a formal refresher course, updates to the Alaska Safety Handbook (ASH) occur once every four years, and often require ASH updates. The 2018 ASH updates are “recommended but not required.” Although the update is recommended, some companies are requiring workers to take the 2018 ASH update – Please contact your employer’s HSE manager, or North Slope liaison, to learn more.

What are Third Party Providers? Third Party Providers are licensed for-profit companies that provide NSTC training, taught by qualified NSTC Instructors. Third Party Providers offer the NSTC Unescorted course, Special Awareness, and Job Specific courses, as well as other industry-related training.

Who can become an NSTC Instructor? NSTC Instructor candidates must be currently employed by an Operator, Contractor company, or Labor Union which adheres to the Alaska Safety Handbook (ASH), or by a licensed NSTC Third Party Provider. To become an NSTC Instructor candidate, applicants must have relevant health and safety background and experience, presentation or instruction experience, and an ability to address technical safety questions or concerns posed by class participants. North Slope experience is greatly preferred.

How do I become an NSTC Instructor? Individuals who meet the qualifications to become an NSTC Instructor (see question ‘Who can become an NSTC Instructor’) must submit an application and current resume to APICC for review. The application requires a signature from the Instructor candidate’s current supervisor or manager, which serves as an endorsement of the candidate’s qualifications, knowledge and experience. Once the application is reviewed and approved by the APICC office, the candidate then attends an Instructor Orientation. After orientation, Instructor candidates must then observe an Unescorted course taught by an active Instructor, and later teach their own Unescorted course as part of the final evaluation process. For complete details of this process, click here.