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Operator’s Group

The Operator’s Group has one senior HSE representative from each of the Operating Companies that fund the NSTC.  The group meets quarterly.

Current members include BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc., Caelus Energy, LLCConocoPhillips Alaska Inc., Eni Petroleum Company, Inc., ExxonMobil Alaska Production Inc., and Hilcorp, LLC.

The function of the Operator’s Group is to approve financial and legal agreements, monitor and audit NSTC performance, and ensure consistency with regulatory and company guidelines.

Operator’s Group approves training recommendations that require Operator endorsement and delegates them to the NSTC Staff and supporting committees for implementation.

The BP and CPAI representatives act as liaisons between the NSTC and the revision committees for the Alaska Safety Handbooks and Environmental Field Handbook.




Client Training Team

Client Training Team (CTT) members include all currently active NSTC instructors.  Meetings are held on alternate months and all active NSTC instructors are encouraged to attend.

The CTT Committee provides subject matter specialists to review and revise training materials, making recommendations to the Steering Committee for improvement as needed.  CTT also assists in providing instructor and company evaluations, providing insight on training and evaluation techniques.  They perform a vital role of providing current HSE information to instructors and shares professional development activities for all NSTC instructors.

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Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committees are task groups that focus on new course development or revision of the job specific (high hazard) courses.

Committee members are specialists and/or experienced instructors who are appointed or volunteer to serve on specific development or revision projects because of their subject matter knowledge. There may be more than one curriculum committee, including CTT, working at the same time on different courses.

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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of HSE Managers and Safety Training Directors from the Operator, Contractor, and Third Party Provider companies. It meets six times a year on alternate months. The committee is a collaborative body that establishes policies and procedures, provides program direction, and makes decision on issues that affect the quality of the NSTC program. It reviews and approves recommendations from the NSTC Staff, Operator’s Group, Client Training Team, and Curriculum Committee, and provides volunteer support for Curriculum Committee and other subcommittee assignments.

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