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Our Story

The North Slope Training Cooperative was founded in August 1997 when the BP and ARCO Field Managers on the North Slope signed the NSTC Health, Safety, and Environmental Guidelines. Training began that fall with the Unescorted Course as the mandatory, minimum requirement required for all North Slope operating company and contractor personnel effective January 1, 1998.

Today, NSTC is a collaborative training effort funded by BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.; Caelus Energy Alaska, LLC; ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.; Eni Petroleum Co Inc; ExxonMobil; and Hilcorp Alaska, LLC and supported by their contractor companies.

Our objective is to develop and maintain high quality, standardized health, safety and environmental training programs for our employee and contractor workforce on the North Slope and at industrial sites throughout Alaska.

All workers need to be able to provide documentation (NSTC Card) showing completion of the Unescorted Course to receive their badges or when requested by their supervisors or project managers.

Member Companies

The North Slope Training Cooperative is supported by the following member companies:

BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.
Caelus Energy Alaska, LLC
ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.
Eni Petroleum Co Inc.
Hilcorp Alaska, LLC

The NSTC is further supported through sales of the Alaska Safety Handbook and the North Slope Environmental Field Handbook.


Meet the Team

The NSTC is managed by APICC.